OSK Debt Collectors provides Debt Collection, Tracking and Tracing, Repossessing and Blacklisting.
We simply assist our clients recover the money they lost to bad debtors.
The process is quite simple. Once you get in touch with one of our sales consultant, you will explain your case to us, we go through the benefits and costs of signing up, we sign the contract then the process begins.

We have 3 categories. There is a registration fee in some categories and commission in all categories.

Registration fee: N$800 (Once off payment)
Commission: 10% on the money recovered (Only-No other hidden costs for the client)

Small to Medium Enterprise:
Registration fee: N$1 200 (Once off payment)
Commission: 10% on the money recovered (Only-No other hidden costs for the client)

Registration fee: No registration fee
Commission: 25% on the money recovered (Only-no other hidden costs for the client)

No, the client may not add the commission on top of the initial amount being handed over, we deduct the commission on the initial amount (Only from money recovered).
There are no hidden costs the client will pay.
Every case is unique, hence we can never promise from the get go. We first need to contact the debtor and reach for a settlement, only then we can give feedback to the client as to how long it will take. However, we really do push for accounts to be settled as soon as possible.

We have 3 branches. Office locations are situated at:
7.1 Windhoek
Capital Building, 8th Floor, City Centre, Windhoek, Namibia.
7.2 Swakopmund
Moses Goerab Street, Haus Helius, Unit 3, Swakopmund, Namibia.
7.3 Oshakati
Main Road, Continental No 1, Office C, Oshakati, Namibia

We need to sign a contract.
As much information as you can provide of the debtor, especially (Full Name, Cellphone Number, Residential/Work Address etc)
We give a monthly report to the client.
Yes, it is renewable after 12 months.
During the term of your agreement, you may submit unlimited debts for collection.
The minimum amount we will accept for collection is N$50.00
Successful debt collection depends on a number of factors especially the age of the account. OSK Debt Collectors accepts debts provided local laws do not prohibit collection. As a guide debts can be pursued for 6 years although successful collection usually occurs on recently incurred debts where the debtor is traceable and solvent with no valid grounds for disputing the debt. Our experienced staff will assess each case on its merits and advise the best course of action.
Once a debt is sent for collection a debtor will often attempt to bypass us to avoid any further debt collection letters and telephone calls, etc. Our aim is to quickly finalise accounts, once a debt is lodged, any monies paid by the debtor directly or indirectly shall be subject to commission charges.
OSK Debt Collectors can provide references on request from clients who have agreed to confirm the effectiveness of our collection service. Please understand we are bound to strict client confidentiality and cannot discuss individual client files.